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The Magical Musical Man


Chardeau has until then been deliberately rare on stage, where he nevertheless bubbles with energy. Too busy polishing his songs in the back kitchen of creation, taking care of his orchestrations and recording here and across the Atlantic with musicians (and nevertheless friends) of choice. For two decades, he has preferred to conceive his stage appearances as event-driven and limited: a tour in Quebec, another in the network of Cultura stores, as well as a few dates scattered around (Théâtre de Mont-de-Marsan, Berlin, live radio in Warsaw , Sentier des Halles in Paris, Zèbre de Belleville….). The cultured art of not being like the others ...


Note his two concerts at the Gibus in Paris on November 17 and 18, 2015 (a few days after the tragic attack on the nearby Bataclan) where he surrounded himself with an exceptional backing band. But it is at the end of 2019 that Chardeau will mark the stage, with The Magical Musical Man, a crazy rock opera that will bring together a host of musicians and guests for a memorable show. > see the MMM page.

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Spot Radio Nova - concerts au Gibus - Chardeau
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"Ma psychiatre"  / Gibus, 18 nov. 2015. Captation : J. Cingarlini.

"Questions" / Gibus, 18 nov. 2015. Captation : Jeremy Cingarlini.


Chardeau at Zèbre de Belleville (Paris)

Extracts from the concert at the Zèbre de Belleville (Paris) - 2012.

Recording: Kristof Laroche.

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