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An adventure directed by Cyrille Levy ...


At first, an unfinished title that languished in my drawers. To exorcise the frustration, I got back to work an eternity later. In the meantime, the arrival of the Internet and the digital world that has been built around have inspired me with a thousand ideas.

With Cyrille Levi, we explored various recording configurations, mixing analog and digital, imagined various mix choices, various additions ... The adventure, which started in 1998, lasted two years. From singular, this title was conjugated in the plural with, on arrival, no less than 150 tracks recorded ... Provisionally entitled "Cybernetic Love", it was finally renamed "Data Pulsions" and declined in several versions, variants, alternatives, rooted in the same root. If a few appear on the albums "Hors Portée - instrumental" and "For Sync. ", The" Data Pulsions "disc was never published as such. Sixteen years later, not being able to hide it from my discography, I make it available.



Cyrille Levi, in Montreal then at the Chardeau home studio (64 tracks in 2 generations), 1998 + stereo mixing Fratin, Valence, 1999.


Lyrics & Music: Jean-Jacques Chardeau

Production and Editing: L. Records



Cyrille Levi (keyboards, programming)

Jean-Jacques Chardeau (keyboards, vocals)

Daniek Fratini (guitars, drums program)

Marc Cassola (piano B3)

Bruno Camiade (fretless bass)

Michel Colomballi (bass)

Thierry Guilbaut (dulcimer)



℗ & © L. Records 1999

Cover art : Kristof Laroche



The EP Data Pulsions has been published exclusively in digital. It is available for download (see top of the player above).

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