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Soundtrack of an imaginary film

Unclassifiable composer, Chardeau invites us on a fantastic journey in 24 stopovers. An eccentric and colorful musical odyssey designed like a real movie soundtrack.
The album was released in 2012 on digital and double vinyl.

Initially, it was about highlighting the potential of Chardeau's music for the image. We have selected 24 instrumental tracks (original, alternative or unpublished versions, remastered or remixed) to discover not the artist but the composer, his cinematographic writing full of winks and references, and his sumptuous orchestrations. The idea was originally intended for professional circles only, hence its title “For Sync. »(For synchronizations). Caught up in the game, we spent time concocting the sequence of music, atmospheres and universes.


On arrival, it is a real film soundtrack that unfolds (hence its subtitle), with a whole range of atmospheres and sound emotions, dreamlike, whimsical or fantastic, in turn melancholy , colorful, melodic, eccentric, poetic ... So, we made an album, released digitally and on double vinyl. Immerse yourself in this soundtrack of a film that never existed! Close your eyes, imagine the images, the settings, the situations that this music could illustrate ...

℗ & © L. Records 2012

Cover art: Bohu Tohu

Photos and illustration: © Kristof Laroche

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