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This Chardeau album, published in 2015, evokes 12 portraits of women, simple or extraordinary, served with great musicality, an American sound (more “west coast”) and sumptuous orchestrations. Recorded across the Atlantic with first-rate musicians, “Fauves & Pastels follows on from the previous studio album “Résilience” from 2010, continues the opening started with remixes by John Van Eps and constitutes a major album in Chardeau's discography.

Lyrics & music: JJ Chardeau, except "Ma psychiatre" and "Le coeur froid" (lyrics by Michel Monnereau, music by JJ Chardeau).


Produced by Chardeau for L. Records

Production, recording and mixing: Hank Linderman
Pre-production, sequences, keyboards and orchestral arrangements: John Van Eps

Mastering: Dave Collins

Guitars: Hank Linderman

Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes: Brian Auger

Electric & Acoustic Violins: Jerry Goodman

Basses: Mark Andes, Reggie Hamilton (1, 3), Jason Scheff (2, 8)

Drums and Percussion: Drew Hester

Trombone & brass arrangements (2, 7): Nick Lane

Tenor sax: Brandon Fields

Trumpet: Lee Thornburg

Violins, cellos (1, 6, 9): Emlyn Van Eps

Grand piano (1, 10): Théophile Dudreuilh

Big Band

Lead Trumpets: Jeff Holmes

Trumpets: Alex Lee Clark

Lead Tenor & Bass Trombones: Ben Griffin

Trombones: Tim Atherton

Clarinet, Alto & Tenor: Bruce Krasin

Tenor & Tenor solo: Ryan Mcneice

Baritone & Viola: Mat Schumer

Piano: Wayne Houseman - recorded by J. Van Eps in Northfire Studio Amherst, Massachusets - arrangements: John Van Eps & Jeff Holmes

Backing Vocals: Jeff Foskett, Jeddrah, Bubba G. Nush, Sophie, Tatiana, Théophile Dudreuilh, Fred C. & Hank Linderman

Vocals, additional keyboards: Chardeau

Guest on Just one - solo electric piano: Robert Lamm

℗ & © L. Records 2015

Cover art : Kristof Laroche pour Bohu Tohu

Photos : © Kristof Laroche

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