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“Traditionally, I divided my compositions into two themes: portraits and travel. I once had the revelation of this story which emerged naturally, more personal, largely and unconsciously autobiographical, with a few exceptions, and very eclectic, just like my influences and my musical tastes. “Hors Scope” is the first part. So I chose to record it as it is, in my image, with everything that qualifies me: eclecticism, luxurious arrangements, disproportionate production… Designed for 5 + 1, this album, recorded in 3 months with dream musicians , took 5 years to see the light of day after many hazards! I did not think, by calling it “Hors Scope”, that this title would be so premonitory! Here is the “Highlight” version, remixed in stereo. "- Chardeau. Published in 2005.

Produced by Chardeau for L. Records.

Designed and produced by Chardeau for the 5 + 1.


Lyrics and music: JJ Chardeau, except “Le cinglé des galaxies” (lyrics by Michel Garnier, music by JJ Chardeau).


Recording: Fratin (Valence, 2000), except “La route”, “Mortelle mort” and “Introverture” (Veronica Ferraro, Dakini Studio, 2005). 5 + 1 mix and stereo remixes: Veronica Ferraro (Dakini Studio, 2005), except “Home” (mastering Bruno “The Wizzard”, Electromastering, 2005).



Chardeau (piano and midi keyboard)

Jerry Goodman (acoustic and electric violins)

Bernard Paganotti (bass)

Basile Leroux (guitars, sitar, ebow)

Bertrand Lajudie (keyboards)

Xavier Dessandre-Navarre (percussions)

Claude Salmieri (drums)

François Laizeau (drums)

Michel Gaucher (saxophones, flutes)

Joy Cellem, Joanna Voté, Sonia Orgerie, Virginie Kekedjan, Samir Toumi, Jean-Luc Voté, Chris el Planchier (choirs)


Additional musicians

Richard Aubert (orchestral arrangements and programming)

Bunny Rizzitelli (drums)

Jean-Jacques Genevard (mellotron)

Bruno Nugues (flute)

Dominic Miletti (violin, mandolin)

Jean-René Zapha (bass)

Mathieu Thave (flute)

Patrick Sheandell (Irish flutes, psaltery, cromorne)


℗ & © L. Records 2005

Cover art: Kristof Laroche for Bohu Tohu

Photos: © Kristof Laroche

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