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Chardeau, club version? Yes, let's not be afraid of anything! You will have noticed if you have listened to the last album Fauves & Pastels , one of the titles stands out from the crowd. Both in its sound treatment and in its rhythm, far from the "west coast" atmosphere that dominates the album. Let us add some somewhat explicit lyrics (“sexplicites” in this case…) and L'Amour Rome Antique becomes undoubtedly the most improbable title of the Chardeau production.

From there to imagine, to push the stopper even further, to make a club version of it, just to titillate the dancefloors and to carry the chardeautitude where we do not expect it, there was only one step. As long as you bet on the improbable, you might as well relax until the end ...


It is with this in mind that L'Amour Rome Antique - renamed Love Antique for non-French speakers - has been remixed by Cyrille Levi in ​​Montreal and by Howie Beno (whom John Van Eps recommended to Chardeau) in New York, all taking the form of a 5 tracks EP.

Love Antique

Howie Beno has produced, mixed or remixed, among others, Depeche Mode, Dionne Warwick, Tom Jones, Ministry, Blondie, Three Six Mafia, Xzibit, Human League, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Grace Jones ("Sex Drive") and now ... Chardeau!

The Love Antique EP was released exclusively digitally. It is available for download (see top of the player above).

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