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The very first Chardeau’s album with his band Chardo’s Airlines. Released in 1989.


Produced by Loriane. Distribution : Just'In Distribution.

Recorded & mixed at ReRe Studio in Paris, by Jean-Louis Proust, assisted by Daniel Fratini & Etienne Perruchon.


Chardo's Airlines :

Jean-Jacques Chardeau (lead vocal, keyboards)

Etienne Perruchon (piano, synthetizer, programming)

Daniel Fratini (lead guitar, programming)

Patrick Grandpierron (guitars, synthetizers, violin)

Dominique Bertram (bass)

Daniel Pedron (drums)


Additional musicians :

Eric Dervieu (jazz drums)

Denis Benarrosh (percussions)

Niva Rohoerson (godspell)

Jacques Bolognesi (trombone)

Tony Russo (trumpet)

Alain Hatot (saxophone)

Jean-Louis Damant (trombone)

Philippe Slominski (trumpet)

Kirt Russ (drums)

Olga Bisenti, Jean-Louis Proust, Jocelyne Lacaille, Valérie Schœller, Christophe Planchier (backing vocals)

℗ & © Loriane 1989

Just'In Distribution

Cover art : Kristof Laroche

Picss: Patrick Sheandell O'Caroll


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