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Progressive arty-rock or baroque pop-jazz fusion? The irreducible does not give a damn about labels and for two decades has pursued his creative deliriums at the antipodes of marketing and trendy buzz.

The character is unique. Certainly offbeat, it surprises and clashes in the landscape. His look is reminiscent of the Buffalo Bill of a futuristic western, a leather and rock Gandalf, a half Zappa half Corto Maltese SF adventurer or a lost neo-druid in the 21st century ... What else can be said to locate this friendly oddball who 'one would think straight out of "Back to the Future", except that he is - above all - author, composer, performer, Aries ascendant Aries, and that he also plays, among other instruments, of self-mockery and excess.


Certainly offbeat, Chardeau is unlike anyone. Captain Nemo of an unlikely ship, for two decades he has been delivering flamboyant and powerful, rich and colorful retro-futuristic music, somewhere between Chicago, Magma, Spirit, Gotainer, Genesis (Peter Gabriel era) and Stravinsky. Baroque, rock, jazz, classical ... Chardeau draws from all sources as long as they are good. He takes us on musical journeys punctuated by stopovers at 20,000 places on the air, in a symphonic and instinctive odyssey, orchestrated in the American style, eccentric and incredibly musical.


Chardeau's career is marked by several discographic milestones: Escales (first eclectic rock opus with his group Chardo's Airlines, in 1989), Data pulsions (1999), Hors scope (released in 2005 in two versions: “Highlight” and “Instrumental session »), IntéGraal (an audio DVD produced in 5 + 1 format, but which has never been published)… Over the course of his opuses, Chardeau has always called upon the cream of French musicians (Bernard Paganotti, Basile Leroux, Claude Salmieri, Didier Malherbe, Bernard Lajudie, arranger Richard Aubert…).


He passed a new milestone in 2010 with the album Resilience recorded mainly in Los Angeles with an exceptional cast. Starting with his friends (yes, yes…) Jerry Goodman (the magical violinist of John McLaughlin's Mahavishnu Orchestra, who is artistic director of the album) and Robert Lamm (the keyboard, songwriter and singer from Chicago, a group of which he is a die-hard fan), benevolent angels of Chardeau Circus.


According to the principle "the friends of my friends are my friends", also lent themselves to the game the keyboard Brian Auger (Rod Steward, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin), Chris Pinnick (guitarist from Chicago), bassist Reggie Hamilton (Luther Vandross , John Mellencamp, Seal, Tina Turner), percussionist Lenny Castro (Toto, Stevie Wonder, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Quincy Jones, David Sanborn, Ricky Lee Jones, Wayne Shorter), pianist Shelton Berg (Kiss, Joe Cocker…) and drummer Curt Bisqueira (Elton John, John Fogerty, Nelly Furtado, James Taylor, Dave Steward, Joni Mitchell). On arrival, "a pure slaughter and a sound to die for", exclaim the fans.

Enough to take more interest in the artist, the composer and his incredible musicality! Three albums were released in 2012 to discover or rediscover it. A trilogy first published in digital then edited in early 2013 on vinyl for fans, LP aficionados, curious, lovers of good music, discerning ears, nonconformists and discoverers.

Resilience 2.0> a cast of choice! The last studio album, in 2012 version refocused on ten tracks. A rare encounter to be consumed without moderation!

Ze Best Off > an overview of Chardeau's production over two decades, through 10 titles representative of his exhilarating and eccentric music, ultimately timeless!

For Sync. > soundtrack of an imaginary film! A double album of 24 instrumental tracks (original, alternative or unpublished versions, remastered or remixed) to discover not the artist but the composer, his cinematographic writing and his sumptuous orchestrations.

Continued >>>

If Chardeau did not exist, we would have to invent him !

Spring 2013 saw the release of Alternative Resilience , composed of alternative remixes of the album “Resilience” concocted by John Van Eps in Houston, who worked with Chicago and that Robert Lamm recommends to him. Revisited, reappropriated, resized, taken to sometimes unexpected sounds and horizons, these remixes breathe new life into Chardeau's musical universe.


The studio album Fauves & Pastels was released during the summer of 2014. Recorded between France and the United States, still with an exceptional cast, it continues the collaborations already started (Jerry Goodman, Hank Linderman, Brian Auger, John Van Eps. ..), to which are added Mark Andes (Canned Heat, Spirit, which Chardeau wanted to have), Drew Hester (Foo Fighters) and a big band of brass.


Less progressive rock, adopting "west coast" colors. the album is the subject of an almost worldwide digital distribution via the US label Muffin 'Records. The album was then released in France and French-speaking territories via Your Label (PBC Music department) in charge of the record's marketing and promotional strategy.


The end of 2015 will be marked by the realization of 2 exceptional concerts, prepared for several months, which took place at Gibus on November 17 and 18, 2015, 4 days after the deadly attacks that shook Paris. A way for Chardeau not to give in to fear and to defend more than ever the freedom of expression that he wears loud and clear. A very intense moment, especially since Chardeau was surrounded by Jerry Goodman, Hank Linderman, John Van Eps, George Hawkins (John Fogerty, Fleetwood Mac, Al Jarreau) and Bob Ramsey (keyboard of Leon Russell), who came specially the United States.

After 2 singles from Fauves & Pastels (Ma psychiatre et Jane Parker) , both clipped, Chardeau publishes an EP of remixes of the title L'Amour Rome Antique (renamed Love Antique for the occasion), a hot and improbable clubbing getaway for Make the fans wait, while waiting for the Sanguines album, which will be released in September 2017.  

It offers 12 titles, a series of portraits more "sociological" than the previous one, with a sound more New York than Californian, a "funky Zappa" touch for instructions and an always exceptional line-up, bringing together the US regulars of Chardeautitude. and some surprises like John McFee (Doobie Brothers) and Walfredo Reyes Jr (Chicago, Santana). From this album will be highlighted the titles Photograf, Pub! and Nature is thus made for summer single.


In 2018, the meeting between Chardeau and Alan Simon (Gaïa, Excalibur, Tristan & Yseult ...) gave birth to a crazy project, called The Magical Musical Man, a crazy and intergalactic rock-opera for which Alan Simon signs the libretto and the setting scene. This extraordinary show took place on November 23, 2019 at the Océanis (Ploemeur, near Lorient, Morbihan) with an exceptional cast. This only performance to date (due to health restrictions that have shut down the entertainment world) is the subject of a DVD released in limited edition. > Find out more about the event

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

> Find out more about the event

The end of 2019 is also marked by the release, on November 15, of the brand new studio album In Terra Cognita ?, inspired by Chardeau's various trips across the planet. The album - whose 15 tracks make up the music for The Magical Musical Man show - benefits from international distribution by Cherry Red Records and international press and web coverage. > Find out more about the new album>

Chardeau is already working on the volume of his dreamlike and musical world tour and has not finished surprising us.

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