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Unclassifiable artist, prolific singer-songwriter, quirky art-pop dandy, the character is unique, atypical and intriguing ... The irreducible doesn't give a damn about labels and for three decades has pursued his creative deliriums off the beaten track, at the antipodes of the marketing and trendy buzz.

His rock is a little cracked, he has been cultivating it since the turn of the 90's in compositions as warm as they are whimsical. " - Gérard Bar David


If his references are on the other side of the Atlantic, Chardeau sings in French on a flamboyant and powerful retro-futuristic music, rich and colorful, somewhere between Chicago, Magma, Spirit, Genesis (Peter Gabriel era), Steely Dan and Stravinsky, but not only. This does not prevent some media from hearing, here and there, touches of Michael Franks, Williams Sheller, Higelin or Polnareff… Curious trans-genre alchemy then.

So goes Chardeau. Progressive, rock, baroque, jazz, pop, classical…, the free electron draws from all sources as long as they are good. We cannot remain indifferent to the quality of his compositions, to the nakedness without artifice of his voice and to his jubilant orchestrations.


Chardeau's musical odyssey is already marked by ten albums, 2 EPs and various singles. Immerse yourself in its original universe and explore all its colors. Its horizon opens up on all possibilities ... For each album, you can listen to all the titles in full (see Discography page). Only the last two, Sanguines and Fauves & Pastels, can be listened to as extracts. You can buy everything as a download on this site. For CDs and vinyls, see the Shop page.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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This is the crazy project of Chardeau, an intergalactic and crazy rock opera born from his meeting with Alan Simon (Gaia, Excalibur, Tristan & Yseult, Big Bang) who signs the libretto and the staging. An unlikely event in which John Helliwell (Supertramp), Martin Barre (Jethro Tull), Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Michael Sadler (Saga), Christian and Francis Décamps (Ange), Gens de la Lune, John Van Eps (Chicago) ), Roberto Tiranti, Jean-Claude Drouot (in the role of God)…

In short, an exceptional cast for this extraordinary show to be seen on stage on November 23, 2019 at the Oceanis in Ploemeur (near Lorient, Morbihan).

See the Facebook page dedicated to the event:



Chardeau's new album In Terra Cognita? - which is also the music for his crazy rock opera The Magical Musical Man - has just been released, on November 15, for international distribution on Cherry Red Records. It includes 15 tracks, served by a host of artists and friendly musicians, including Brian Auger, Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Danny Seraphine and Jason Scheff (Chicago), John Helliwell (Supertramp), Martin Barre (Jethro Tull), Mark Andes (Spirit), John McFee (Doobie Brothers), Michael Sadler (Saga), Alex Ligertwood (Santana), John Van Eps, Christian Décamps (Ange), Francis Décamps, Kohann…


Beyond the artist and his generous discography, also discover the composer, his cinematographic writing full of winks, his sumptuous orchestrations and his potential for music in images. In this area, Chardeau is represented by the Sound of Talent agency .

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In the studio, Chardeau is served by an exceptional line-up. The French musicians who accompany him throughout his albums are named Michel Gaucher, Basile Leroux, Didier Malherbe, Dominic Miletti, Bernard Paganotti and Claude Salmieri among others, on the French side. But it is above all across the Atlantic that he has brought together outstanding musicians, who have become - for some - friends: Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Hank Linderman (Chicago, America, Timothy B. Schmitt), John Van Eps (Robert Lamm, Chicago), Mark Andes (Spirit), Robert Lamm (Chicago), Drew Hester (Foo Fighters), Brian Auger (Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin), Jason Scheff (Chicago), Lee Thornburg (Supertramp, Tom Petty) , Chris Pinnick (Chicago), Nick Lane (Chicago, Etta James), Reggie Hamilton (Seal, Tina Turner) John McFee (Doobie Brothers), Jason Scheff (Chicago) or Lenny Castro (Stevie Wonder, Toto, David Sanborn), to which are added John Helliwell (Supertramp), Martin Barre (Jethro Tull), Michael Sadler (Saga), Christian and Francis Décamps (Ange) ... The list, if you do not yet know Chardeau, can only encourage you to find out!

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