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Just like the Aflelou commercial ... Chardeau is crazyyyyyyy! This Californian sound fanatic already has a dozen albums to his credit and presents his latest fantastic original project "Fauves & Pastels” with Michael Franks and Polnareff’s offbeat influences.

Chardeau is certainly not very handsome but fortunately, he has many other qualities ; and on top of this list is his eccentricity that blithely differentiate him from all his fellow singers on the edge of Rock and French songs singers. Like in the Vassiliu song, they can rightly ask themselves "Who is this guy? " Well, it is not his first time and already he has a dozen albums to his credit, with a real fondness for California, which brings him even closer to the author of "Who killed Grandma? " Chardeau is also the descendant of Gustave Caillebotte, the leader of the Impressionists. He has cultivated his little crazy Alternative Rock since the 90's in compositions that are as warm, fantastic and idealistic.


Californian dream


Take the unstoppable "Ma Psychiatre" that sounds like a hit of Steely Dan, but with French text. Sometimes Polna with "Rama noire" – it almost sounds like "LNA" - and "Fille d’Alicante," sometimes Bashung with "L’amour Rome antique" or crispy "Travelling Travelo". Chardeau also plays a Michael Franks with a sunny cool swing ( "Juste un seul" and "Aïe Aïe Aïe"). Made in USA, in a Massachusetts studio, to produce "Fauves & Pastels", he hired some high-flying sharks, including Robert Lamm, the former Chicago member, violinist Jerry Goodman who escaped from the Mahavishnu Orchestra and Canned Heat & Spirit bassist Mark Andes. The icing on the cake! "Fauves & Pastels" also draws its influences from  Gainsbourg and Balavoine’s style for such an  ambitious and nostalgic project that keeps its promise of a winter sun.


“Chardeau’s music is a bit like a stained-glass window: When all parts are assembled they form a consistent and harmonious whole ... This unexpected double album that came out of nowhere is the surprise of this end of year."

Benoit Herr / CROSSROADS


"Hors Portée by Chardeau has to be one of the most intriguing collections to come my way time. Stylistically for some, the sound created includes progressive rock, jazz, classical, ambient electronics, techno, and world music influences. A weird combination for sure, it works intended for the most part. Many of the tracks have a rich, romantic quality ... Almost I've made references to the excellent performance throughout both reviews, a final goal has to go to mention the sophisticated compositions of Chardeau." (GB / GEOFF Feakes)


"Chardeau è a Musicisti insolito, nello spazio hard riassumere the caratteristiche di una Recensione contraddistinguono che di questo musical he linguaggio artista che mostra subito if profondo e molto COLTO the musicalità è molto più di Chardeau coinvolgente rispetto alla media dei suoi ed compatrioti.Fascino eleganza if sposano lied in a vocabolario per raffinate che vogliono di più dalla musica! è davvero delle riduttivo offer Indicazioni perched non possono assolutamente dare the misura della proposta di questo artista che molto più geniale if dimostre di quanto ad un ascolto POSSA trasparire superficial." (Italie)


"É um compositor of Chardeau entusiastas musicas...Este projeto (Outside Scope) e para fazer nào faith voltado sucesso comercial. Avaliação : composiçào musicas e muito bom = produção e gravaçào = excellent musicos = excellent / arte / inserts = muito bom (es got em digipack). (Brésil)


"Imagine you sit in a train and watch the passing landscapes. You see beautiful parks Taking the place of industrial sites followed by another view of a beautiful landscape with forests and lakes full eventually leading to the outskirts of a city, and so on ... then this is how the album's music develops."

Progressive Ears (GB)


In a nutshell, these excellent albums challenge any formal categorization and form an indivisible whole for Fusion lovers as well as for curious, passionate connoisseurs or music lovers that are hungry for novelty." **** (Belgium)


"Reasons to daydreaming, melancholy, ethereal and gently widen, however, with something heady and pleasantly devoid of kitsch. Many is the pinnacle of beauty... A breath of jazz-fusion, new age esoteric pop ambience, sweet song and touches of hard rock complement..." (Germany)


"With each track, we recognize a star of the Pop, Rock and Jazz  boulevard… and you surprise yourself thinking about John McLaughlin, Santana, Jethro Tull, ELO, Weather Report, Jerry Garcia, Chicago. .. and many others. I really fell for this album. Chardeau is an avant-gardist. "

Alain Neau, Radio France programmer


"Chardeau does not yet hold the place he should...." Hors Portée" is an album worth listening to thanks to both the high standard of its production and by the way it captivates the world it offers. It is unusual to be faced with such a discovery that honours the music made in France which is usually reduced to Anglo-Saxon or American pale copies. "

JP Gavard-Perret /

"Chardeau offers a first-timer on his website: the opportunity to listen to excerpts in streaming audio 5 + 1, and even an interface (in flash) allowing you to adjust the levels of each voice and speaker’s configuration to create your own sound world. The other extracts are available in quicktime with a remarkable sound quality."

Fréquence Webradio

"Chardeau has done a wonderful job of writing Some really fine tunes. As for the instruments give, which has very rich and lush sound. "Instrumental Selection" is a solid listen and a good representation of modern french prog rock and fusion styles. "Highlight" instantly stike a chord. A very classy and enjoyable." (UK)

There is ‘who we are’, ‘what we think we are’, ‘the image we send to others’ and ‘the way others perceive us’.  Sometimes the gap between the four is quite surprising. Over the range of titles, journalists find in the latest Chardeau’s album a "West Coast" style (it was recorded in Los Angeles), Steely Dan (classy!) and even Michael Franks (not to confuse with Frank Michael!) in some titles, or, more generally, a Chicago influence (indeed it is his favorite band for eons).  But the most surprising is the comparisons, influences or reminiscences that journalists find in his French style (Chardeau only sings in Molière’s language). Jumbled - and depending on the titles: Polnareff, Bashung, Gainsbourg, Nino Ferrer, Thiéfaine, Pierre Vassiliu, Balavoine, Michel Jonasz or William Sheller ... 


Everyone can see or hear what they want (which Chardeau does not dislike!). Although he sings in French, Chardeau does not feel like he belongs to the "French chanson" apart from Nougaro. His French references are more Magma ones. Others have trouble labeling what he does and see him as an "unidentified musical persona." Unusual, different, unique, that is for sure. In a context where today we expect artists to stand out (music professionals keep on saying this) more than ever with true originality, with Chardeau, you get more than you bargain for!



"From down to earth to celestial. No groundbreaking freefalljump goal: "Instrumental Selection" feels like a work of genius, a seamless flow of music deliciously. The music just lifts you up one level of ecstasy and himalayan tosses you down only to catch the mood hits you before the ground. What a span !"  - (GB)

“Hors-Portée" is a very ambitious project, which far exceeds the framework of a simple album, created from the start with two atmospheres: one more refined, lounge style, the other one leaning towards mainstream ... It is a sophisticated disk with pictorial texts, infused with various styles, from Rock to Pop, through Techno and Jazz. This captivating music is undeniably contemporary, with a very high standard of production. Let yourself be seduced by the unique world of Chardeau ".

Yves Javier / Datas executive department, International Manager


An ambitious album, with great musicality, which best serves the unique world of this unclassifiable songwriter-composer-performer who breaks down genre barriers. Musique Info Hebdo.


*So this is a modern piece of work. A rock that experience shows not only aim eclecticism also huge attitude and passion. A sonic journey that may be a great interest to those who like good rock and roll enriched by jazz, classic music, pop and prog, I like it a whole lot !" - Nuna / (GB)


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