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Chardeau’s music stimulates the imagination and lends itself very well to the visual image for cinema, television, advertising, video games, jingles, sound design and musical illustration…


As proof, you just have to listen to FOR SYNC. –

A soundtrack for an imaginary film. A double album of 24 instrumental tracks (original versions, alternative or unreleased, remastered or remixed) to discover not the artist but the composer, in his cinematic writing, full of allusions and references and in his outstanding orchestrations.


Created like a real movie soundtrack, For Sync. displays a range of sounds, atmosphere and emotions that are dreamlike, whimsical and fantastic, alternately melancholic, colourful, melodious, quirky and poetic... In short, a surreal musical odyssey punctuated with several stopovers, the soundtrack of a movie you have never seen! Close your eyes, imagine the pictures, the setting, the situations that the music could illustrate...

On the black screen of your sleepless nights, Chardeau pours his heart out.


The album truly shows Chardeau’s musical compositions’ potential for imagery : in long or short films, theme tunes, interludes, jingles or musical commas, advertising, video games, musical illustrations, sound designs ... Hence its title "For Sync."(For synchronization). Also - and most importantly - the aim is to interest the professionals concerned in advertising and sound design agencies, audiovisual media, production companies, music supervisors, brands - in Chardeau’s music and its possible uses. 

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Listen to the album “For Sync.” in its entirety ! Click here

For Sync. / Part I
Medley instrumental
For Sync. / Part II
Medley instrumental
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