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Chardeau’s last album, released in 2015: 12 women portraits, simple or extraordinary, served with great musicality, always with an American sound (more "West Coast" style) and outstanding orchestrations. Recorded overseas with first-class musicians, Fauves & Pastels is like an extension of the previous studio album Resilience of 2010, continuing with the remixes of John Van Eps. It represents a major album in Chardeau’s discography


Lyrics & music : J.J. Chardeau, except "Ma psychiatre" and "Le coeur froid" (lyrics Michel Monnereau, music J.J. Chardeau).


Produced par Chardeau for L. Records

Production, recording and mix : Hank Linderman
Pre-production, programming, keyboards and orchestral arrangements : John Van Eps

Mastering : Dave Collins


Guitars : Hank Linderman

Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes : Brian Auger

Electric and acoustic violins : Jerry Goodman

Bass : Mark Andes, Reggie Hamilton (1, 3), Jason Scheff (2, 8)

Drums and percussions : Drew Hester

Trombone & brass arrangements (2, 7) : Nick Lane

Tenor sax : Brandon Fields

Trumpets : Lee Thornburg

Violins, cello (1, 6, 9) : Emlyn Van Eps

Grand piano (1, 10) : Théophile Dudreuilh


Big Band

Lead Trumpets : Jeff Holmes

Trumpets : Alex Lee Clark

Lead Tenor & Bass Trombones : Ben Griffin

Trombones : Tim Atherton

Clarinet, Alto & Tenor : Bruce Krasin

Tenor & Tenor solo : Ryan Mcneice

Bariton & Alto : Mat Schumer


Piano : Wayne Houseman - recorded by J. Van Eps in Northfire Studio Amherst, Massachusets - arrangements : John Van Eps & Jeff Holmes

Backing vocals : Jeff Foskett, Jeddrah, Bubba G. Nush, Sophie, Tatiana, Théophile Dudreuilh, Fred C. & Hank Linderman

Vocals, additionnal keyboards : Chardeau

Guest on Juste un seul - electric piano solo : Robert Lamm


℗ & © L. Records 2015

Cover art : Kristof Laroche for Bohu Tohu

Pics : © Kristof Laroche

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